***2006/2007 Accomplishment Highlights***

Our Pack
Skiff We were not out showing much last year, but we did hit both CRFCRC supported entries. Skiff won the Working Retriever Class at each show. We were particularly proud of the fall win because he had some very nice competition.

In the fall we went up to the NEFCRC Singles Day so Jane could judge. Skiff took a JAM in unsteady singles.
Lin Lin also did well at the Spring Supported, winning BOS in veteran sweeps. She also earned a JAM at the NEFCRC Singles Day.

Lin's crowning achievement, however, was showing as a veteran at our National Specialty. Due to a previous promise (to her), Cliff showed in a traditional KILT outfit for veterans sweeps!! (Much to the amusement of all, of course). You can view the photos on Chris Butler's site here and here.
Selkie We took Selkie out of semi-retirement to pick up those elusive couple of breed points going best of Winners on two consecutive days to finish her Championship (in October). We are very pleased!!
Dory's other pups
Kelly Kelly rocked the Flat-Coat agility world in Spring 2006 by becoming the youngest MACH2 flat-coat in the breed. She had been the youngest MACH Flat-Coat for a couple years, only having her record broken in Fall 2006. Sadly, Kelly was in a tragic accident in early fall and lost her leg. BUT the very good news is that she survived and is very quickly learning to be a 3-legged wonder dog.
Boeller ..and his pal Briscoe welcomed two new human brothers to their pack in January. There is a picture of Sam and Dom here. HUGE congrats to Paula and Danny...although we prefer denser coats on *our* pups!
March 20th The first litter are veterans!! The icing on the birthday cake is that all of the pups are still with us to celebrate this watershed moment.
Tucker Tucker overcame his physical discomforts and gun shyness to earn his WC on March 2th, handled by proud dad Gary. This is a major accomplishment for this team and we are all very proud of them.
Lin Lin turns 9 years *young* on April 26th!! Woohoo!
Skiff ...made a cut in Working Dog at the National in MN, handled by Jane.
Family gathering in Adirondaks

Late July 2007
Our kids romped with their vizsla cousins for Ciff's brother (Skip's) 60th birthday!!

ALL the dogs (including Mia the huskie bitch, not pictured) got along GREAT!
Skiff loved being the only boy and Lin (at 9+) outran the vizslas to keep control of the ball.
Surf here for more pictures.
More to come...

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