galoot Selkie is the puppy that we kept from our first we have literally known her since she was moments old.  She is named for the "seal people" of Celtic mythology.  A being that is part human and part seal is the perfect description of a Flat-Coat, particularly this one!

Selkie finished with 4 majors, including 2 as WB at supported entries. She also has done very well at regional and national singles competitions, placing third in the FCRSA Unsteady Singles in 2003. Her first picture is a 4th in sweeps from the 2001 National.

Selkie is among the most sensitive dogs that we have ever known and a joy to live with (unless she *really* wants something)! She is a maniac for fieldwork and a great hunting companion, particularly on quail.

She is now 8 years old (our second veteran) and as silly as ever!

CH Tidalflats' Selkie JH Am/Can WC CGC

Fun Pretty

Duck girl

#rd major

Selkie at 8 years old


Aging well