Dory has had two litters:
20 March 2000 by CH Flatford Fare Forward CD (Frankie)
13 February 2002 by CH Athercroft If It Fields Good (Davis)
First (Frankie) Litter
3 males and 3 females--pedigree
CH Tidalflats Valediction CGC
"VAL" Owned by Joan Dever and Suzanne Reynolds Seltzer

Joan writes: In September, 2001, Val completed his brief but successful show career (100% owner-handled!) as Champion Tidalflats Valediction. He had retired to a life of ease, devoting most of his time to the schemes that he and his buddy, Milo, could think up to perpetrate. In 2003, Val went to live by the beach, filling a void left by Suzanne's last buddy. There are more Val pictures here.
CH Tidalflats Decoy Boy CGC
"DEKE" Owned by Don and Susan Bierer

Deke was the puppy called "Thump" because he was into everything and was constantly falling off of things. He finished his championship (entirely owner handled by Don). The team tried their hand at obedience, and Deke has one legs toward his CD. Deke has settled into a happy life of cuddling with mom and dad. It's a full-time job. There are more photos of Deke here.
CH Tidalflats Lord Boeller CGC
"BOELLER" Owned by Paula and Danny Cinti

Boeller is Paula and Danny's first Flat-Coat and has taught them a lot about Flat-Coat silliness and obsessions. He finishing his championship completely owner trained and handled by Paula...who has also taught him a myriad of "tricks" by shaping his instinct to retrieve things. Boeller and his side-kick Briscoe have recently been joined by twin (human) brothers Dom and Sam. There are more Boeller pictures here.
Tidalflats Hillbrook Ms Ducky
"DUCKY" Owned by Carole and Bill Mader

Ducky was one of the two "princesses" of the first litter. Bill has been training her as his hunting companion. She has proven to be an awesome retriever but somewhat stubborn about her recall!! Ducky placed second in the open class at the 2003 FCRSA National.
MACH2 Tidalflats Kelp Forest JH WCX CGC
"KELLY" Owned by Susan Klein

Kelly was the puppy that we almost lost at a couple of days old but she hung on and wound up being one of the fiestiest in the litter. Kelly is Sue's first Flat-Coat and "alter-ego" and has effectively sucked Sue in to the Flat-Coat world. Kelly was not shown, but has been busy in field and is currently the youngest MACH2 flat-coat in the country. In summer 2006, Kelly was struck by a car and lost her leg, essentially ending any further agility career. Here is a pictuers of Kelly as Sue's deck hand.
CH Tidalflats' Selkie JH AM/CAN WC CGC

Selkie is the puppy that we kept and has her own page here. There is something incredibly special about the puppies from a first breeding and this silly girl is no exception. We love her dearly!
Second (Davis) Litter
Five Males
"BOAT BOYS"--pedigree
CH Tidalflats Sea Skiff JH WC

Skiff is the puppy that we kept from our second litter. We think he demonstrates the "beauty and brains" we strive for in this breed. He keeps us laughing and reminds us daily that Flat-Coats boys are the best! His page is here.
Tidalflats Whatta Ketch WC
"TUCKER" Owned by Gary and Maggie Minkiewicz

Every day is a gift with Tucker. Tucker was born with two congenital conditions (severe patella luxation and a liver portal shunt). Either condition would be more than most owners could handle, but Gary and Maggie stuck by Tucker and had everything fixed. Tucker beat the odds and has just celebrated his 6th birthday, a huge milestone for a dog with a compromised liver! His tremendous heart and spirit have pulled him through, as shown here
Tidalflats Brigantine
"BRIGGS" Owned by Jack & Marie Torre

Briggs was placed locally and we had the opportunity to show him at a couple supported entries (where he took RWD twice). Unfortunately, his owners relocated and we don't see him as often. But we know that Briggs is loved dearly, based on this picture
Tidalflats Schooner
"COOPER" Owned by David Miller

Cooper was the smallest Boat Boy. We rarely hear form his owner, so only have a puppy picture of him. We do know that he is a much loved part of his family and is lucky enough to travel to the beach frequently.
Tidalflats Runabout

Roan was one of our top show picks and also showed an aptitude for birds and retireving. Unfortunately, he was killed by a car at the tender age of 7 months. Very sad.
We do not currently have any litters planned.
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